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When and How to introduce cow’s milk?

When and How to introduce cow’s milk?

  • Cow’s milk is a poor source of iron and should never be used as a substitute for breast milk for babies under 12 months. Continue breastfeeding until your baby is at least one year old.
  • Cow’s milk contains higher levels of protein, salt, potassium and calcium compared to breast milk which can increase the load on the kidney, hence it is unsuitable for infants.
  • Cow’s milk is best introduced after one year of age and to make it easily digestible, one should add Vidanga (Embelia ribes)/Vavding and vakumba which should be roughly crushed and added to the milk with a little water and boiled on a slow flame till the water evaporates.
  • Milk should not be the main drink until after one year of age or until a range of food is eaten each day.
  • Milk should not be given too frequently and as a principle diet. A child who is offered milk too often tends not to develop a liking for eating other foods.


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