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Ayurvedic Kit
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Sneh Sparsh
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Sneh Sparsh

The Touch, the Experience, and the Feel of Love for your Body.
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Ancient Ayurveda has always offered holistic ways to nurture, nourish and revitalize the mind and body. Oils and Ghees are referred to as "Sneha" in Ayurvedic Scriptures. Daily use of just a few drops of these "Snehas" (medicated ghrit /oils) in specific ways and on specific organs has miraculous results on your body and works wonders!

It balances the three doshas (Vatta-Pitta-Kapha). This tri-dosha balance is vital for good health. Taking advantage of this ancient wisdom, Nisarg Nutritions brings three beautiful Oils/Ghrit-based formulations infused with Ayurvedic herbs.

What's Inside

• Gau Grit Mand as Nasal Drops/Nasya

• Kumkumadi Tailam as Facial Drops

• Bala Ashwagandha Tailam as Navel Drops/Nabhi oil


  • Gau Grit Mand (Nasal Drops/Nasya): Promotes hair and skin health, prevents premature greying of hair, and delays premature aging of sensory organs like the ear, nose, and eyes.
  • Kumkumadi Tailam (Facial Drops): Brings softness and glow, evens skin tone, improves complexion, and delays skin aging.
  • Bala Ashwagandha Tailam (Navel Drops/Nabhi oil): Decreases bloating, reduces aches and pains, and induces peaceful sleep.


For Gau Ghrit Mand Nasya:
• Tilt the head backward.
• Put 2 drops in each nostril, and inhale deeply.
• Gently massage the nose and forehead.
• Ideal Time Of Application- Morning

For Kumkumadi Tailam:
• Apply 2-3 drops on the face and massage gently with
your fingertips.
• Ideal Time Of Application- Evening

For Bala Ashwagandha Tailam:
• Put 2-3 drops in your belly button/navel.
• Massage gently with your fingertips in a circular motion
around the navel.
• Ideal Time Of Application- Night (Before Bed)

Consult Doctor Medha Patel for Ayurvedic treatments

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Sneh Sparsh

Rs. 1,050.00 Regular price Rs. 1,500.00

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Sneh Sparsh

Ancient Ayurveda and traditional health care have always offered holistic ways to nurture, nourish, and revitalize the mind and body by balancing the tri-doshas to maintain optimal health. “Sneha” refers to oils and ghees in Ayurvedic scriptures and “Sparsh” means touch. Sneh Sparsh consists of 3 miraculous oils formulated to balance the Tri-doshas. Daily use of these “Snehas” in specific ways on specific organs works wonders for the body. Our beliefs lie in promoting Indian produce, and hence our ingredients are sourced locally and ethically.


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