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Businesses have recently started to recognize and appreciate the important contribution made by farmers and rural associations. However, this recognition doesn't fully reflect the significant role played by these rural partners. They are the true keepers of our traditional food and health knowledge and pass it down through generations. They possess valuable knowledge about crops, nutrition, and traditional medicines. We rely on their expertise to meet our standards and goals. At Nisarg Nutritions, we value our relationships with these rural partners and work hard to maintain a mutually beneficial connection. We understand the importance of positive human interactions in the community, nation, and environment, and strive to be mindful of it.

Around 30 years ago, our founder Dr. Medha discovered that Ragi was one of the most nutritious grains on the subcontinent. After further research, it was found that Gujarat and Maharashtra produced high-quality Ragi. During a visit to Dang, she observed that the children there were lean but healthy, and the people, in general, were more active and energetic than usual. Since then, Dr. Medha has been advocating for Ragi and other produce sourced from Dang. At Nisarg Nutritions, we have partnered with multiple farmer families to cultivate Ragi without the use of harmful chemicals. We take great care in the farming process to ensure that our products are natural, organic, and full of nutrients. Our turmeric and honey are also sourced similarly. We strongly support fair trade practices and ensure that the farmers are compensated generously for their contribution to our brand.


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