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Babies First Food

Babies First Food

  • Always feed anything new to your child in the morning. So that you can see how is your baby and his/her body accepting it throughout the day.
  • Keep the utensils in which the food is being prepared and fed really clean.
  • Mother’s milk is easily digestible for the baby.
  • Develop a habit in your child to eat together as a family and on same time each day, so that the baby understands your breakfast, lunch and dinner timings. Make him/her sit together and eat with the family.
  • You can add a little mother’s milk in the preparation so that the acceptance increases.
  • Be very patient with your child while introducing new foods. They may not like it the first time. It will take time for the taste to develop. Never force feed your baby.
  • Breast Milk still remains an important source of nutrition even after 6 months. It is important to continue breast feeding.
  • Initially consistency should be soupy, later you can thicken the feeds.
  • Three Day Rule – Start with just one spoon in the morning the first day, then gradually increase the quantity with the same food.
    Day 1- One tablespoon one time
    Day 2- Two tablespoons twice a day
    Day 3 – Three tablespoons twice a day.
    You can try another food after 5 to7 days. Don’t mix and introduce new food every day. With mixing, if any indigestion or allergy arises then you won’t be able to judge the exact food causing it.


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