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Tips to boost appetite in toddlers

Tips to boost appetite in toddlers

  • Do not force feed.
    The end result is an exhausted and irritated you and an unhappy child.
  • Scolding, bribing and nagging constantly about food should be avoided. Your child may develop an aversion to certain foods.
  • Never feed your children in front of mobile phones, TV or any kind of gadgets. Teach your child to enjoy food rather than enjoying the TV or video during meals.
  • Get creative with the presentation of food. Use colorful cutlery in different shapes and sizes.
  • Don’t spoon feed if your child can eat with a spoon or with hands. Let them feel the texure and let them explore the food.
  • Make meal time a fun family experience. Interact with the entire family during meal time.
  • A fixed meal time can regularize your child’s appetite.
    Don’t extend the meal time beyond a certain duration.
  • Reduce the intake of snacks and packages food between meals.
  • Avoid juices and instead give your child whole fruits.
    Encourage the intake of water whenever thirsty.
  • Don’t discuss or complain about your child’s eating habits with others in front of your child.
  • Be patient. Serve different varieties, rotate menu, make new recipes and keep trying.


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