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The Relationship between Ayurveda and Farmers

The Relationship between Ayurveda and Farmers

Ayurveda is a traditional form of medicine that focuses on holistic balance and on mind-body wellness. It is fed by multiple texts that are more than 2,000 years old.  Traditionally, this science has eight branches (including internal medicine, paediatrics, toxicology, etc.) and two categories (curative and preventative). 

The first step to understanding the relationship between Ayurveda and Farmers is drawing attention to our food choices. Nowadays, we are spoilt for choice. Our markets have become international. We have access to whatever we want to eat, whenever we want to eat it with very little effort. But this is a recent modification in our timeline. But it may be the case that this is causing more harm than good in regard to our digestion and health. 

Ayurveda stresses eating foods that are fresh and in season. It specifically speaks of the value of the medicinal benefits of whatever was grown locally. It suggests that our bodies work optimally when we eat what is growing around us at any given time. The principles of Ayurveda state that what we consume affects not only our physical bodies but also our state of mind – ie, the functioning of our brain, our thinking, emotions, etc. In fact, our food habits impact our total personalities. Each season produces foods that help balance our doshas and strengthen the system for the upcoming months. 

What Determines the Food’s Efficacy in Our Body?

The effectiveness of the food depends on the quality of the food ingredients. The quality depends on the place and method of cultivation have to be natural and free from chemicals and fertilizers. There is so much diversity in the traditional health foods of India because the regional health foods have evolved according to the climate, culture, and cropping practices of a particular region.

In the olden days, farming was through natural means and hence free from any concerns. But now every other plant is grown with the use of chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, etc. In the stage of preservation too, huge amounts of chemical agents are being used to enhance shelf life and quality. These are harmful and cause various health hazards, instead of promoting our health. The ignorance of our ancient texts is responsible for the degeneration of agricultural practices. Farmers that still follow the traditional system of agriculture understand that this is the most absolute system that repairs, maintains and improves the ecological balance if followed correctly. The Indian civilization has always been agrarian. 

Right from the Vedic era to modern times, farmers have cultivated this rich land and cherished their bond with Mother Nature. It is no wonder then that India is a land of abundance and wisdom. We at Nisarg Nutritions are ardent believers in traditional Ayurvedic practices. Hence, most of our raw materials are cultivated and sourced from the Dang District in Gujarat. The Tribal District of Dang is almost 100% an organic farming district. A majority of farmers in Dang use traditional farming that is in line with the requirements as per Ayurveda. 

To keep the teachings of Ayurveda alive and to ensure that the farmers practicing traditional agriculture methods are appreciated and fairly compensated for their contributions, Nisarg Nutritions has a ‘Community Policy’ in place that helps farmers acquire the due recognition and benefits.


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