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How to limit your child’s screen time?

How to limit your child’s screen time?

  • Set an example with your own device usage. Kids imitate their parents all the time.
  • Get active withh your child. Encourage him to do other activities and playing outside.
  • Eat together as a family (atleast one meal), without any gadgets or TV.
  • No TV or phones in the bedroom. Only hugs, cuddles and read stories to them.
  • Do activities together with your kids like gardening, crafts, painting, reading etc.
  • Involve your children in household chores. Rather than giving them phones when you are busy doing household chores, involve your children in helping you. They can have their own small mops, brushes and cleaning cloths.
  • Limit automated toys. The more that the toy can do, the less your child will use their cognitive skills. Use household objects to explore, create and play with.
  • Choose apps wisely. Research high quality apps that will benefit your child the most.
  • Turn passive TV watching into something active. Watch programmes together and talk about what’s happening.


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