Proctobath – 200 ml

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Nisarg Nutrition presents, Proctobath , a unique herbal formulation for total wound management in a ready to use form. Proctobath is a highly concentrated decoction of mainly Panchwalkal kashayam with the added benefits of Khadir(Accecia catechu), Neem(Azardirecta Indica) and Haridra(Curcuma Linga).


Proctobulk – 150 gms

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An excellent combination of natural dietary fibre to prevent and relieve constipation.Proctobulk is made from natural, soluble fiber of Isabgol (psyllium husk) with added benefits of mineral rich tukmaria (subja seeds, basil seeds) and carminative property of fennel seeds. Proctobulk is a pack of countless health benefits. It also helps to lower cholesterol, controls blood sugar, controls weight, controls bloating and can even be  used by pregnant women.

Ragilicks – 400 gms

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The primary ingredient of Ragilicks is Ragi along with bengal grams, chemical free sugar and cardamom. Ragilicks is a rich source of  minerals like calcium, iron etc, various essential amino acids and phytochemicals. Ragilicks contains specially processed ragi so that it becomes easy to digest and its nutrient contents become more bioavailable.Its rich calcium content (about 340 mg per 100 grams) helps strengthens bones and Its rich iron content helps to maintain proper hemoglobin levels and keeps anaemia away. Qualitatively, ragi's protein content  is superior to that of most other grains.

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