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Nisarg Nutritions presents to you its first of the many products to come.
“RAGILICKS”. Ragi / finger millet is the native grain of India. Long ago it was traditionally consumed by the people of south India specially given to infants, pregnant and lactating(feeding) women, the sick and aged people. It has been forgotten in the modern days. Once a popular weaning food , its preparations seldom make to our kitchen today.

However its superior qualities like its rich iron & calcium content and the presence of various essential amino acids have helped this tiny grain to gain its position once again on the precious grains lists.

We bring to you this wonder grain of India for you and your infants. This 100% NATURAL FOOD contains NO COLORS, NO PRESERVATIVES and NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS.
Very convenient to use and a preparation time of less than 5 minutes.


Ragilicks is a rich source of minerals like calcium, iron etc, various essential amino acids and phytochemicals.RAGILICKS contains specially processed ragi so that it becomes easy to digest and its nutrient contents become more bio available.Its rich calcium content (about 340 mg per 100grams) helps strengthens bones. Its rich iron content helps to maintain proper hemoglobin levels and keeps anaemia away. Qualitatively, ragi’s protein content is superior to that of most other grains.



Iron in Ragilicks- Baby Food -Ragi

Helps maintain Hemoglobin


healthy-bones- ragilicks

Helps in Calcium Absorption.
Supports Immune System


Helps form connective tissues and bones.
Helps in metabolism. Calcium absorption, Blood Sugar regulation.
Necessary for normal brain function.


Regulates balance of fluids in body.
Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure.
Helps in lung functioning.


Normal growth and development of children.
Decreases risk of gastro-intestinal infections.
Better immune functions.


essential amino acids in Ragi


About 30 years back, when I visited Dang, I had the opportunity to meet the dangi children. Thin and lean but healthy! Lively and active throughout the day, playing in the fields from dusk to dawn with little access to the so called “Nutritious Food”. Even something as basic as milk was not available to them, but still they were strong and healthy. Since I had opportunities to visit the tribal area often, I did some survey some research and found that ragi was popularly being used as weaning food and its use was continued over a long period as their staple food. Popularly known as Nagli or Nachni, the sattu of this tiny grain, “NACHNISATUU”/”NAGLISATTU” was the real reason behind the good health of the children. Since then, I have been advocating ragi not only for children but for pregnant and breast feeding women, the aged and the weak. Years of experience and the demand of the day have resulted in the birth of Ragilicks

Dr. Medha Patel
Surat, Gujarat

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