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Posted by admin | 21 January 2018
Raab – A Health Drink

Raab has been traditionally used mostly in Gujarat and Rajasthan since years. There are many variants depending upon the purpose for which it is used. It is mostly consumed by the mother for about 2 to 3 months after child birth to boost lactation, to pacify the vaata dosha which is elevated after labor, to...

Posted by admin | 25 July 2018
Ragilicks and Diarrhoea

Monsoon and diarrhoea are directly proportional specially where children are concerned. Ragilicks comes as a boon in such conditions. Ragilicks is accepted very well by most children and can be safely used during episodes of Diarrhoea as a principal source of nutrition The cause of Diarrhoea may be an infection by bacteria, virus or other...

Spices-Nisarg Nutritions
Posted by admin | 04 February 2019
Spices – Our kitchen kings

It is impossible to imagine an Indian kitchen without spices and condiments. Tradition has handed over a treasure of these "food additives " offering an unlimited bounty of colours, flavours, aroma and above all, an innumerable number of health benefits, making them the most easily available medicines in every Indian home. A few hundred years...

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