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Nisarg Nutritions

Nisarg Nutritions, supported by a team of Dieticians, Nutritionists and Ayurvedists aims to bring back India’s lost and forgotten healthy grains to you in the form of Natural, Tasty and Healthy products.

In the name of development and modernization we, the people of India like people in most other countries have unconsciously adopted alarmingly dangerous types of ready to cook or ready to eat packaged foods without realizing and knowing the long time after effects of these products . Either to save time, for convenience or for taste we have started eating non-nutritious and toxic foods, compromising our health on every step. Natural and healthy foods have been replaced by foods loaded with chemicals, colors, preservatives, unhealthy fats etc. We even feed these types of foods to our infants and children.

We are spending more money than we ever did on these pretty looking temptations and in the bargain inviting disease prone and weak physique for ourselves and our children. Conversely, we sometimes spend extravagantly on healthy imported grains, oils or other food supplements in the name of health forgetting that India has a rich heritage of natural culinary products containing native grains, oils, vegetables etc which are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

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